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We offer complete support with regard to audio visual equipment rental and organizing of events.

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Who we are

Promix is an audio visual production and equipment rental service provider for any of your technical needs in meeting and event industry.

  Our experienced and skillful producers and technicians are driven by passion to help you communicate with your audience through our wide range of professional equipment and sophisticated operation. 

  Promix was established in 2001, in Seoul,Korea.   Since then, we have been working hard and developing our ability and capability for more than a decade. Through our hard and professional work, we are recognized as a reliable and irreplaceable AV partner by our local and global clients.

Our Key Values

We are proud by taking our key values to our heart and practicing it. It drives us to sincerely work hard to create the right value for you in each project.


Your Trusted Audio Visual Partner in Korea

Promix is here for you
To make your event

Please feel free to contact us and get customized audio visual services for your meetings and events.


You will have a pleasant experience with our people and tailor-made AV solutions. We confidently say that you would not be disappointed when you work with us.

Our mission

We proudly say that our customer focused approach is a key factor which drives us until now and beyond. We take care of your needs and goals. We love to listen to you and communicate with you to figure out a tailored solution to fit your concern rather than simply offering you a ready-made package. In each project, our solution varies depending on what you want to deliver to your audience, and how you want to actualize it.

Although we are a tech company, our foremost goal is delivering the message that you want to get across. Thus, we bring our tailored expertise to your message to create the perfect event. This naturally drives us to work for empowering your message and makes us treat your happiness and goal as ours.

Such approach is enabled by our technical excellence. We are highly trained and are continuously updating ourselves to be technically savvy. Since we are working in a live environment, we strive to check every detail to make precise organization and operation throughout the entire process of your meetings and events. We are ready to be flexible and responsive to your needs in any situation and at any time, even until the last minute.

1 Customer focused approach

2 Technical Excellence

3 Delivering exceptional outcomes and exceeding expectations.

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